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    Consignment Marklin 37991 - INSIDER BIG BOY LOCO 04  

    This item is discontinued at the factory but is still available here.

    Consignment MA37991

    Price: $946.26

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    AC HO USA III UP 465mm
    Consignment MA37991 - Marklin 37991 - INSIDER BIG BOY LOCO 04

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale AC Era III 




    Is equipped with a load regulated digital decoder, high performance motor, sound-generator and many additional auxiliary functions. Model has bell shaped armature motor, which is located in the boiler! Model has 8 powered axles with 4 traction-tires, articulated-undercarriage, Boxpok Wheels, and middle dome-axles, which are sprung, loaded. Model also has functional headlights, tender lights and number-boards, which are illuminated with maintenance, free LED's, all of which are controlled digitally. Big Boy has 2 smoke-stacks so Seuthe No. 11 or Marklin 7226 can be installed); for instant smoke effects. Headlights, number-boards and cab-illumination will operate conventionally or can be digitally controlled. Speed dependent steam-locomotive-sound, bells, whistle, brake-squeals as well as acceleration/braking delay can be controlled with Control Unit 6021 or with mobile station 60652 Mobile Station. With the NEW Central Station 60212, additional sounds such as the air pump, the valves and the injector, the auxiliary blower, the rail-joints, the compressed air brakes, the cab-radio and in addition, even the sound of the original-claw-clutch when coupling can be accessed. The locomotive tender contains an efficient loudspeaker and the volume is adjustable. Front-end coupler can be inserted and in addition, adjustable close coupling between locomotive and tender. Adjustable steam pipes can be added to the cylinders. All handrails made from metal. Many separately applied details. Figures or the engineer and stoker for the cab are enclosed. Length over buffers 46.5 cm. Union Pacific heavy articulated freight locomotive. The Big Boy was the largest steam locomotive in the world. . These approximately 40 m long giants brought a performance of over 6.200 HORSE POWER with four gigantic cylinders. Especially imposing was the sound effects, that such a monster created. Marklin brings the typical sound of the big steam-locos in this H0-Model with the new faithfully reproduced sound effects as well as many of the background sounds, all individually controlled. The full scope of the acoustic functions is available with the 60212 Central station from the Märklin Systems Program.

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