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    Consignment LGB Saxon Steam Locomotive Class II K  

    This item is discontinued at the factory but is still available here.

    Consignment LG20990

    Price: $1,099.99

    Scale Country Era Railway
    G Germany I K.Sächs.Sts.E.B.
    Consignment LG20990 - LGB Saxon Steam Locomotive Class II K

    Product Features and Details
    G Scale Era I 

    Steam locomotive Saxon II K (NEW). Due to the rapidly increasing traffic, the performance of IC engines was not soon enough. However, to use the existing stock of IC engines still can 4 machine was converted to double as a test locomotives. The model of the locomotive is a new design and features traction tires, a DCC interface, built-cab lighting and smoke generator.The top signal with direction of travel. With a powerful drive motors on all axes.

    • Redesign

    Saxonian II K (new) The increasing volume of traffic on narrow gauge railways in Saxony was soon on the performance limits of the small IC. Therefore, the Saxon State Railways in 1913 dared attempt to double by coupling of two I K-traction locomotives while retaining the axle load. Two double locomotives emerged from the machine with the numbers 1 and 4 and in Sections 2 and 3 All four were built in 1881/82 by Hartmann in Chemnitz. The machines were the cab back panels removed, and then two locomotives coupled together with the leaders worldwide. These "twin girls" were now the new rail section 61 A / B (ex 1 and 4) and 62 A / B (ex 2 and 3) and were now listed as "new type II K". Although they possessed a common controller, the controls, however, remained separate. Much easier than before her operation would certainly not have been. The two boilers, each with 0.66 m² 29.72 m² heating surface rust and now supplies enough steam to the 21.6 ton II K (new) at least 2.66 tonnes can be developed traction. The indicated power increased to 140 kW (190 hp), the speed limit remained at 30 km / h. Although the conversion of other locomotives had been planned, but contrary to this project were several problems. In particular, the unpopularity of the staff and the shortcomings in the operation, these plans could quickly disappear in the drawer. As early as 1916, the "marriage" of the 62A / B aside and the two individual vehicles reversed back under their old numbers. In contrast, the 61A / B will receive until they are decommissioned in 1923 as a double engine.The measures proposed by the DRG tracing in 99 7551 was no longer running.


    This is a G gauge (G scale) item for LGB train sets. Popularly used in garden railroad train layouts.

    Comes in original box/container. Item is pre-owned and sold as is.

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