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    Busch Realistsic Sound UNIVERSAL Country  

    Busch 5771

    Price: $162.50

    Busch 5771 - Realistsic Sound UNIVERSAL Country

    Product Features and Details
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    16 Sounds - 7 Outputs - 7 Light Programs - 4 Inputs for track contacts - Programmable - Digital-compatible 16 Sounds: Tractor (start + driving noise + engine turn off), dog barking, cows, sheep, rooster with chickens, brook noise with cricket cicadas, birds, bell ringing (church), hour chimes (church), church organ, traffic accident, Martinshorn, thunderstorm, haunted house, diesel train sounds, train whistle. 7 light programs such as turn signal bulbs, haunted house illumination, city lighting, blue lights etc.. Supplied ready for use including 2 speakers. Technical Information: In each Realistic Sound »UNIVERSAL« module, 16 different sounds are stored. The sounds can be assigned to both loudspeakers at will (stereo-playback, or each speaker individually). A maximum of 4 sounds can be played at the same time (2 per loudspeaker). The release of the sounds and functions effected via the keys in the sound module, by means of the keyboard of a digital system, via 4 integrated random number generators or by means of 4 contacts (direct connection from track or reed contacts etc. at the Realistic sound). In addition the modules have 7 outputs for connecting lamps and other electrical accessories. The 7 outputs can be switched on and off over keyboard or be assigned to a sound and/or via the pre-programmed light programs. Programming (over integrated keyboard): Sound sequence: A second sound can be assigned to each sound, which is played, as soon as the first sound is terminated. Sound loudspeaker allocation (left, right or both loudspeakers). Run mode: Continuous noise (Depressing the key switches the sound on. Depressing the key again turns it off) or in and/or multiple function (by depressing the key the noise is played up to 15 times, depending upon pre-programming, and then terminated by itself). Allocation of inputs: Selection, which sound is to be released when a contact is triggered. Allocation of outputs: Selection, which output is to be switched on and/or which light program will run as long as a certain sound is released. RESET function: Restore all programs to default settings. All programs remain permanently stored even when the system is turned off. The modules are designed to be able to accept operating system and sound updates. Digital programming: Programming can be made using a digital system’s usual registers and CV's except the manually programmable functions are alterable for the following values: Address, time base for the light program/random number generator, sound identification for sound update, decoder identification for software updates etc. Technical Data: 12-16 V (AC voltage), 14-22 V (track and digital voltage). Digital system compatibility: NMRA-DCC, Märklin®. Two 8 Ohm/0.5W speaker outputs (contained in the power supply). Connection with 3.5 mm jack plugs, alternatively, connecting to active speakers, stereo system, headphones, etc. is possible. Separate audio gain control for both outputs. 7 light outputs 12-20 V (depending upon input voltage) 300 mA per output, max. 1.0 A total (for connecting lamps, etc.). 4 contact inputs 5-16 V or floating output switches (to trigger the sounds by train movement). You will find additional information, instructions and sample sounds on the Internet at www.busch-model.com

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