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    Brawa Chairlift  

    Brawa 6346

    Price: $379.90

    Brawa 6346 - Chairlift

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale 


    • 8 modern 6-seater
    • 4 poles
    • Building kit for mountain and valley station
    • Drive with full mountain and valley stations
    • 1 pull cable 10 m No. 9292
    • Powerful, high-set and low noise motor with integrated gear
    • Easy to set up
    Funicular systems from LEITNER ropeways are used throughout the world and fulfil various tasks with sustained success. Over 100 years ago, Gabriel Leitner received his first order from the innkeeper Josef Stafler to construct a cable car for passenger transportation. Conditions were different at that time and the ability to get to the top of a mountain so quickly and easily was considered a sensation. As one of the leading global manufacturers of cableway systems, LEITNER ropeways currently produces primarily technically advanced detachable gondola lifts and chairlifts, aerial tramways, funicular ropeways, inclined elevators and fix-gripped ski lifts. LEITNER has supplied over 2,000 kilometres of funiculars in 50 countries. In winter it’s skiers and snowboarders who want to be transported; in summer very different passengers, from hikers to mountain bikers through to paraglider pilots, use the funiculars for transport. The funiculars continue to offer increased comfort and a stimulating travel experience. The new BRAWA chairlift is modelled after a detachable 6-seat lift. The desire to innovate and attention to quality have always ensured that the automatically detachable chairlifts from LEITNER ropeways are stateof- the-art and simultaneously set new standards for comfort, design and efficiency. Since the beginning, the successful design of automatically detachable chairlifts has been based on the uncompromising pursuit of quality and the prioritisation of efficiency. All bearing iron parts of the original chairs are hot-dip galvanised. All require limited maintenance and are extremely durable. With its compact stations, LEITNER ropeways offers a technically sophisticated structure with an optimised space-saving arrangement that is easy to maintain and features high functionality. All LEITNER chairs, the 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-seater, offer exclusive sitting comfort and can be ordered with optional seat heating and a lockable overhead bracket. The LEITNER seat canopies have an attractive and functional design: in particular at windy elevations, at extreme sub-zero temperatures and on long routes, canopy chairs are the ideal mode of transport. The canopy’s special concave design made of transparent polycarbonate plastic results in no feeling of constriction and guarantees a clear panoramic view even when closed. In addition, a wide seat, a raised seat back and an optimally shaped footrest provide premium sitting comfort.

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