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    Brawa German Luggage Car MPw4yge-57 of the DB  

    This item is discontinued at the factory but is still available here.

    Brawa 46250

    Price: $89.91

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO Germany III DB 264.5mm
    Brawa 46250 - German Luggage Car MPw4yge-57 of the DB

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era III 
    • Finely detailed, three-dimensional bogie
    • Full replay of the brake system
    • Extra battery box installed
    • Reproduction of internal grating of the windows
    • All handle bars free standing
    • Exactly reproduced frame with many attached parts
    • Passgenau used windows
    • Top metal support
    • Freestanding braking system
    • Prepared for interior lighting
    • Short-circuit kinematics
    • Multi-section and multi-colored interior furnishings

    There was a great shortage of vehicles for the long-range luggage-wagons. However, the young DB decided to use the available funds for the new construction of passenger coaches and to solve the baggage problem on the basis of conversions. To this end, she took advantage of the round-the-man temporary carriages remaining in her stock after the end of the war. These were due to their interior equipment and the moderate running characteristics the traveler no longer to be expected. Two of these carriages were connected, fitted with a blasting mechanism, and placed on two bogies of American design. The approximately 290 luggage carriages thus produced since 1950 were designated MPw4ie-54/55 and MPw4yg-57. If the first cars were only available on the open ascending platforms of their donor wagons, they were quickly equipped with a "transition tunnel" to provide a weather-protected transition to the next car. As a result, this transition also had a rubber bead to connect to modern cars. On the same basis, DB has built numerous medical and emergency vehicles. The wagons initially ran in the high-speed express train service, with the advent of new cars they migrated into the express freight and district traffic. For the transport of freshly hatched chicks, some wagons were given additional facilities and thus operated in fast trains between Italy and Germany. Numerous cars from 1966 as MDyg-986 and -996 designated vehicles were still modernized and equipped with plate walls and new rubber-covered windows. They also survived the year 1989 and now also came to the DR area in express freight traffic. A tragic train accident ended the stakes in 1992 suddenly. A construction vehicle had lost a buffer, causing a derailment of 14 wagons with which an incoming express train collided. This was due to the material fatigue of the console on which the buffers were attached to provide space for the access platform. As a result, all the wagons were parked with such brackets, and only those whose use was inevitable were rehabilitated. This was true of the auxiliary vehicles produced on the same basis, but not the MDyg.

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