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    Brawa French Passenger Coach Bye-36/50 of the SNCF  

    Brawa 46163

    Price: This item is no longer available

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO France III SNCF 239.8mm
    Brawa 46163 - French Passenger Coach Bye-36/50 of the SNCF

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era III 

    Model Details:

    • Epoch design differences
    • Fully modeled Görlitz III lightweight trucks
    • With quad suspension
    • Exactly replicated frame with many separately applied details
    • Prepared for interior lighting
    • Multi-part interior, multicolored
    • Individual seats
    • Short Coupling Kinematics 
    • Three-point bearing
    • Metal salmon stock
    • Replica of the roof rivets
    • Pass assembled windows
    • Wheels of metal
    • Complete reproduction of the brake system
    • Exemplary large dimensions of the window

    The mid-20s began the DRG significantly enhance the travel comfort of their express and train people. In addition to the newly acquired two-axle cars here mainly four-axle compartment cars appeared on the long-distance routes used (for example there was accelerated passenger trains Munich - Berlin). From 1928 we began to test several four-axle passage car with open transitions that should be used in future for these routes. The test car proved themselves and from 1930 through 1000 BC and B C4i were procured in riveted construction. Characteristic was that the B-segment always had single-leaf doors, while the C-part double doors were installed. As the progress of welding technology were available for the wagon, it was necessary to adapt the proven design. So in 1935 three test cars of types BC and C were again obtained, which was followed by an almost unaltered serial production. Despite the weight saving, the welded car had fewer seats than their predecessors riveted as the DRG passenger compartments executed generous. There were also larger windows and their by 150 mm deep placed lower edge offered especially "Steppkes" a better field of view on the railway company that has not yet been dominated by noise barriers. Emerged in the welded version so again in six years over 1,000 C and 145 BC cart before the progress yet made possible further improvements in the form of the skirt cart. The war dispersed the Eilzugwagen over half of Europe, larger stocks were outside of the German railways including at the ÖBB, SNCF and PKP. In the DB and DR the wagons were indispensable to the end of the 70s in the district traffic and were over forty years old. Until the 60s, they were also used internationally and came from Scandinavia to the Balkans. There have been numerous modifications including for sleeping, dining, Büffet- and half baggage car. For the anniversary, in 1985 the DB a complete train worked on from several different Eilzugwagentypen. Unfortunately, these cars are now dispersed over several sites and only a few of them operational.

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