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    Brawa German Trailer VB 147 of the DB  

    Brawa 45247

    Price: This item is no longer available

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO Germany III DB 217.3 mm
    Brawa 45247 - German Trailer VB 147 of the DB

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era III 

    Model Details:

    • Extra mounted and free-standing metal handrails and steps
    • Finely detailed bogies
    • Fine rivets
    • With interior lighting and tail lighting
    • Short coupling kinematics
    • With interior fittings
    • In-plane assembled windows
    • Metal wheels
    • If the sidecar has to be digitized, a function decoder BFD-01 (Order no. 0014766.01) is necessary.
    • Replacement wheel set for AC (Order no. 0017383.00)

    For use with the Wumag light-construction railcar with mechanical power transmission, DRG in Görlitz ordered 3 and then another 25 lightweight, four-axle trailer cars, half of which were built in Görlitz and half in Uerdingen. The three pre-series vehicles differ from those built later only in details in the passenger carriages. Common to all of them were two Görlitz-type chassis, no transfer option and a 3rd class passenger compartment, in the series waggons this was divided into two large compartments by a dividing wall with a rotating door. Some were later fitted with a 2nd class compartment. Up to 1939, they were used together with various railcar types almost everywhere in Germany. They were based for instance in the Reichsbahn directorates Altona, Essen, Erfurt, Mainz, Kassel, Köln, Nuremberg, Stettin, Stuttgart and Wuppertal. Because of their light weight, many were used during the war on the mountain tracks in the Alps as locomotive-drawn trains. As a result, five VB stayed with ÖBB. DB took on seven of them and in some cases fitted a driver's cab for indirect and later direct push-pull operation. Strangely, they were not renamed "VS". The last ones were decommissioned only in the mid-sixties in Nuremberg and Frankfurt. DR has five VB in its inventory and uses them mainly in locomotive-drawn application with diesel locomotives. Initially, V 36 were used (Halle/Usedom island), but they were later replaced by the BR V 15, V 23 and V 60. The last of the VBs, designated BR 197 since 1970, operated until 1985 at Jerichow railway depot with a BR 110 locomotive.

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