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    Brawa German Diesel Locomotive TRAXX BR 245 of the DB-AG  

    Brawa 42900

    Price: This item is no longer available

    System Scale Country Era Dimensions
    DC HO Germany VI 217.2mm
    Brawa 42900 - German Diesel Locomotive TRAXX BR 245 of the DB-AG

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era VI 

    Locomotive is prepared for two speakers and a 21-pin decoder.

  • Etched vent grilles
  • LED lighting
  • Illuminated driver‘s cab
  • With snow plow
  • Different versions of the sweepers
  • 21-pole interface
  • Windscreen wipers individually mounted
  •  Prepared for locomotive sound with two speakers
  • Illuminated destination indicator
  • Finest paintwork and printing
  • Applied grab irons
  • Etched step plates
  • Information about the Original:

    In April 2011, Deutsche Bahn AG and Bombardier Transportation signed a framework contract stipulating the delivery of up to 200 units of new TRAXX P160 DE ME locomotives. The locomotives, a reclassification of the 245 series, are intended to replace the large diesel locomotives from the 218 series that had become aged. The diesel-electric locomotives are equipped with four diesel engines (ME – Multi Engine) that drive four generators to create power that, in turn, supply the traction motors via the converters. The diesel motors switch on or off automatically depending upon the required output of the locomotives. Hidden behind this is a reduction in the idling time of the motors, which has a positive effect upon fuel consumption. Therefore, this concept is ideally suited to the new ecological and sustainable environmental concept of Deutsche Bahn AG. Thanks to the derivation from the TRAXX family, approximately 70 % of all utilised components are compatible with the existing TRAXX locomotives. The 245 series is assembled and constructed in the former Henschel & Sohn plant in Kassel, Germany, that today belongs to Bombardier. Large components such as locomotive bodies and chassis are supplied from the Wroclaw and Siegen plants, amongst others. The supply of the first batch of 20 locomotive for DB Regio was requested directly upon the signing of the contract. The new locomotive series was officially presented at InnoTrans 2012 in the shape of the 245 003-9. The first models of the 245 series will be based at DB Regio in Kempten and Frankfurt am Main and have already successfully completed initial trial runs.

    The diesel version of the TRAXX platform was introduced with the 2E version of the TRAXX platform. In the diesel version, the fuel tank occupies the same space as the transformer in the electric versions, centrally and below the main frame members. Installed motor power is 2.2MW. The diesel and electric TRAXX locomotives share the same driver cabin and control desk, body, bogies, and drive system. The maximum tractive effort is slight reduced by 30 kN to 270 kN due to the lower power of the diesel engine.

    The first order for the diesel passenger version (designated as Class 246, Bombardier's designation TRAXX P160 DE) came from Metronom via the leasing company LNVG. The company already used TRAXX electric locomotives and required locomotives for the non-electrified Hamburg-Cuxhaven line. 11 locomotives were ordered in 2005, delivery would take place in 2007.

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