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    Brawa H0 Steam Loco G7.1 DR, III, A  

    Brawa 40713

    Price: This item is no longer available

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    AC HO Germany III DR 305mm
    Brawa 40713 - H0 Steam Loco G7.1 DR, III, A

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale AC Era III Includes a digital decoder 

    Alternating current Digital PremiumPrepared for locomotive soundLocomotive is prepared for the installation of a smoke generator The model has spring buffers2 wheels with fiction tyresThe model has a coupler pocket and short coupling cinematicLength over buffer in mmVehicle predominatly in metalNavigable minimum radius 360 mm21-pole electrical interface, newLocomotive has flywheel driveDouble headlights alternating with the direction of travelMaxon Motor


    • Boiler, locomotive chassis and tender box in die-cast zinc
    • Finest metal spoked wheels
    • True-to-epoch lighting, multipart lamp housing
    • Illuminated driver’s cab
    • Spring buffers
    • Detailed boiler rear wall
    • Short coupling between locomotive and tender
    • Perfectly replicated back boilerplate
    • Filigree rods and coupling rods
    • Precise printing
    • Pipes and extra mounted parts in low material thickness
    • Digital version with glowing of the ash container
    • Movable valve gear inside the frame
    • Closed front end, exchangeable part and coupler pocket enclosed


    After the Second World War, 54 G 7.1 were in the territory of the Soviet occupation zone, among which were also locomotives of the Polish State Railways (PKP) which never received their intended German numbers. Following this, by the mid-50s, the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR) returned all the Polish foreign locomotives and took the shut-down war-damaged locomotives out of service. The remaining small inventory of G 7.1 and G 7.2 was concentrated in the Erfurt Reichsbahn directorate (Rbd). In 1960, a total of 8 G 7.1 were home-based in the Erfurt P and Sangerhausen railway depots, and 6 G 7.2 were available besides these. The Erfurt machines ran in the secondary railway service on the Erfurt - Nottleben line in front of older 4-axle express coaches, which looked quite bizarre. The 55 669 survived, and was early declared an historic tractive unit. Today it belongs to the inoperable inventory of the Dresden Transport Museum.

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