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Roco German DB "Schwabenfeil" Express Set


Roco just delivered the exquisite new German Deutsche Bundesbahn "Schwabenfeil" Express set.


The"Schwabenfeil" ran between Dortmund and Stuttgart.  Set includes one class BR 03.10 express locomotive with SOUND & Illuminated running board lights.  It also includes three blue 1st class coaches one restaurant car and one baggage car. 




SALE PRICE $699.95




Prototype: The German Railways Class 03 was a Pacific-type 4-6-2 steam locomotive built for passenger service starting in 1930. It's design was based on the German 01 Pacific; also an Einheit (standard design) passenger locomotive. Two hundred and ninety-eight 03s were constructed through 1938 and they served throughout the German rail network. After the war, the DB had one hundred fourty-five 03s in it's fleet, the DR had eighty-six 03s and the PKP received thirty-five 03s. The Class 03 developed 1943 HP and reached a maximum speed of 81 MPH (130 KPH). The last ones were in service with the DB until 1972.  

Model: Like all Roco steam locomotives the BR85 has extensive cosmetic details which includes a high quality paint finish, crisp lettering, inset windows, brake shoes between wheels and interior details in the driver’s cab. Mechanically: Roco HO Gauge locomotives are some of the best models on the market. This model has a fully functional, finely detailed Heusinger valve gear and prototypical “daylight” between the boiler and chassis. Motor: Roco locomotives are equipped with a powerful 5 pole motor with flywheels and high quality gears which gives the model smooth running characteristics and excellent performance, model has five powered axles. DCC and Lights: Model is equipped with a PluX16 factory installed dcc sound decoder and prototypical triple LED lights which coordinated with direction of travel. Couplers: Model comes with NEM 362 close coupler pockets.   Construction: Model has a cast metal chassis and plastic shell

Locomotive Model Highlights:

Steam locomotive 03 1013 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn. Epoch III.

Highly detailed body and chassis; numerous separately-applied details

Full cab interior

New boiler design.

Finely spoked drive wheels  

NEM coupler boxes with close coupling mechanism on tender

5 pole can motor with flywheel.

Directional LED lighting

16 pin PluX16 factory installed digital sound 


Exquisite 4 piece Schwabenpfeil express train of the Deutsche Bundesbahn. Set consists of three blue 1st class coaches and one DSG restaraunt car. Highly detailed coaches with full interiors.  Coaches can be retrofitted withl interior lighting kits #40360. Coupler pocket according to NEM 362 standards with close coupling mechanism.

SALE PRICE $699.95


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