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    Fleischmann Polish Steam Locomotive Class Oi 1-29  

    Fleischmann 413703

    Price: This item is no longer available

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO Poland III PKP 202mm
    Fleischmann 413703 - Polish Steam Locomotive Class Oi 1-29

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era III 

    Prototype: The Polish Oi 1-29 was originally a Prussian locomotive class P6.  The Royal Prussian State Railways (KPEV) Class P6 were designed as a universal locomotive hauling both passenger and freight trains.  These locomotives were very powerful and used on all routes including routes with steep grades.  The first locomotives were delivered in 1902, they were manufactured by the company Hohenzollern in Düsseldorf. The locomotives were designed by Robert Garbe his designs were famous for the narrow chimney far forward and the specific location of the boiler. Despite the relatively small 1,600 mm driving wheels the locomotives were cabalbe of a top speed of 90 km / h. The P6 were coupled with tenders type 2'2 'T 21.5 (pr) and the tender type 3T.  A total of 275 examples were built. 110 machines were given as war reparations after the first World War to France and other Europeam countries.  163 locomotives were classified as Class 37.0-1 under the German State Railroad (DRG) with operating numbers 37001-163.  A few examples of the P6 survived WWII but none were left in Germany most of the locomotives were retired and scrapped in the 1950's.  The Polish State Railways PKP still had a few P6 locomotives running in Poland until 1967, they ran under the PKP classification Oi 1-7.  Only one P6 exsists in the world and it can been seen in the Railway Museum in Warsaw Poland.

    The Model: Fleischmann's new P6 is a incredible new model.  It is the first Fleischmann steam locomotive with sprung loaded puffers.  It is also the first Fleiscmann locomotive that comes with engineer and firemen figures in the cab.  Model features full interior cab details. Prototypical "daylight" between boiler and chassis. Fully operational, finely detailed Heusinger valve gear. Brake shoes between the wheels. Cast metal chassis. Motor with flywheel. Digital interface plux 16 pin socket to install a Decoder. Drive in tender on 4 wheels, of which all have traction tyres. Dual LED-headlights at each end, tender end changing with direction of travel. Close-coupling between loco and tender. Slot-guide mechanism at each end with automatic PROFI-couplings for true close-coupling and pre-uncoupling. NEM 362 coupling socket. This is a great model and it would make a great addition to any layout.

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