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    Brawa Freight Car Pg (pr IIa 13a)  

    Brawa 49412

    Price: $49.41

    System Scale Country Era Railway Dimensions
    DC HO Germany I KPEV 97.7mm
    Brawa 49412 - Freight Car Pg (pr IIa 13a)

    Product Features and Details
    HO Scale DC Era I 
    • Wheelsets in toe bearing
    • Bogie with three-point support
    • Brake blocks in wheel plane
    • Originally reproduced, Three-dimensional frame body
    • Extra mounted handrails and steps
    • Extra mounted axle brake frame
    • Extra braking system Individually mounted axle box cover
    • Perforated coach body supports
    • Era-conforming realisation such as throughgoing and separated steps, gas or electric lighting, without or with diagonal stiffening

    Up to the twenties of the previous century, goods trains of all German railwayadministrations were operated with manual brakes. In addition to the locomotivepersonnel, the crew of the train therefore included a chief train conductor as thehighest authority, a master packer, train conductor and shunter as well as severalbrakeman. These persons were responsible for braking the train, for the shuntingwork during stops en route, and the exchange and processing of freight documentsof the transported goods. For this purpose, a special accompanying wagon wascarried along behind the locomotive that served as a rolling working and recreationplace. Only the brakeman had to stay in one of the brakeman's cabins during thetrip. Completing the own development, the KPEV (Royal Prussian RailwayAdministration)procured luggage wagons ("Pwg") according to master drawingpr IIa 13a for the first time in 1913/14. After the end of World War I, this designwas selected as replacement of the old or missing accompanying wagons of themost German Länder railway operators. So, over 7,000 "Pwg" were built accordingto the 2nd revised edition of the master drawing until 1929 and spread not onlyin the former KPEV region, but also in Baden, Bavaria, Wuerttemberg, and Saxony.Starting at the end of the thirties, the DRB removed the through-going runningboards and handlebars, allegedly due to an attempted robbery of a train. Additionalstructural alterations even before the outbreak of the war included reinforcementsof the wagon body frame and the removal of the window in the storage space door.

    Road no.: Essen 5105 • Coupler pocket and close coupling • Replacement wheel set for AC

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