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Preiser Bring your layout to life with Figures from Merten and Preiser!

Preiser manufactures a wide selection of figures and other detail accessories for all scales including Z and G.  If your looking for figures to enhance your layout or you need figures to add detail to an Architectural diorama, Preiser can help add that finishing touch to your layout! We also stock the complete line of Merten Figures, click here to view our Merten Page

Reynauld's Euro-Imports, Inc. carries the complete line of Preiser figures & accessories!

Preiser Price list
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2008 New Items
Preiser HO 1:87 Scale Figures
HO Animals HO Military
HO Workers HO Railway Personal
HO Sports & Recreation HO Beach Goers
HO Police, Fire & Emergency Personal HO Weddings & Parties
HO Accessories HO Passenegrs & Passers-by
HO Market HO Circus & Amusement Park
HO Vehicles HO Turn of the Century Figures
Preiser N 1:160 Scale Figures
N Animals N Railway Personal
N Workers N Beach Goers
N Sports & Recreation N Weddings & Parties
N Police, Fire & Emergency Personal N Passenegrs & Passers-by
N Accessories N Circus & Amusement Park
N Market  
Preiser TT & Z Scale Figures
TT 1:120 Figures Z 1:220 Scale Figures
Preiser Large Scale Figures
1:25 Elastolin Roman Soldiers 1:25 Elastolin Animals
1:25 Elastolin Gaul Warriors 1:25 Elastolin Figures From Karl May Literature
1:25 Elastolin Norman Soldiers 1:25 Elastolin WWII German Soldiers
1:25 Elastolin Mercenaries 1:25 Elastolin Miscellaneous Figures
1:25 Elastolin Knights 1:24 Prussian Soldiers
1:25 Elastolin Cowboys 1:24 Miscellaneous Figures
1:25 Elastolin American Indians 1:22.5 Figures
Other Scales from Preiser
1:32 Figures 1:35 Figures
1:43 Figures 1:48 Figures
1:50 Figures 1:72 Figures
1:100 Figures 1:144 Figures
1:200 Figures 1:350 Figures
1:500 Figures